High-level surgery in Seoul: Part II

Doctor Javier Romero Seul

We keep working hard in other parts of the world. We are currently working in Seoul.

In this city, we are sharing new chirurgical challenges withsurgeons from many countries to treat several pathologies so Peyronie: Peyronie’s disease, penile prostheses, masculine incontinence, vasectomy, prostatic surgery and urethral stricture.
The jet-lag has been affecting me for a couple days, but we have ahead of us a hard day’s work in which we will perform a penile surgery with local anesthesia to treat male impotence.
We have a conscientious and meticulous work to do. We are in the Urogin Clinic in Seoul,ready to do three penile prostheses reimplants.
It is important to saythat patients had previously suffered infections, which made it necessary to remove the penile prostheses. In most of the cases, when the prosthesis is removed, it results on a fibrosis and in the shortening of the penis.It is considerably shortened.
These surgeries are very difficult and complex, as it is necessary to reopen the area to implant the prosthesis and to extend and enlarge the penis.
All cases finally went well and we are very satisfied with the achieved results. Three penile prostheses have been successfully implanted, the penises have been enlarged and have a great aspect, which will improve the patients’ health and quality of life.
Tomorrow morning in Seoul (Spain’s early hours of the morning), we will head to another clinic to face a new challenge, in which we will have to perform surgery to treat urethral stricture and Peyronie’s disease. I’ll let you know how it goes!
Note: here,it has been a surprise that we perform surgeries with local anesthesia. It is the safest way to minimize risks and thanks to it, patients do not need to hospitalisation and can sleep in their own bed.

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