High-level surgery in Korea: Part I

The program will include the implantation of penile prosthesis to treat several conditions.

From the 8th to the 18th of January, I will be heading and organizing several activities in collaboration with Coloplast in some of the reference hospitals in Seoul and other important cities of South Korea.
The program will include the implantation ofpenile prosthesis to treat several conditions.
As a result, the first phase will include penile prostheses implantations to treat erectile dysfunction (male impotence). In the second phase, the prosthesis will be implanted to treat the curvature of the penis, known asPeyronie’s disease. The last cycle will focus on urethral stricture surgery.
We will be facing many complex cases and we will make our best to meet this challenge on the other side of the world. Our aim is to look for proximity with the patients and for satisfaction of a job well done.
In all mentioned surgeries, we use techniques that get a bigger, thicker penis. Priority is always given to functionality, but it is also important to choose techniques to enlarge the penis, something important to most of the patients. As an expert myself, I keep learning and getting experience working with the best teams in cases of Peyronie’s disease, penile prostheses, male incontinence, vasectomy, prostatic surgery and urethral stricture treatments.
My aim is to develop professionally and personally to keep as an international reference to both specialists and patients as a reconstructive surgery expert of the male genital system.

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