It is not only about injecting Xiapex or Xiaflex collagenase in the penis


 Peyronie’s disease treated with more than a XIAPEX

Peyronie’s disease needs to be treated with more than a XIAPEX or XIAFLEX collagenase injection in the penis. The curvature of the penis, scientifically known as Peyronie’s disease, can be treated with different alternatives. It is necessary to evaluate the patient’s characteristics to provide the best option in each case.

As many of you know, a year ago a treatment based in the injection of collagenase obtained fromclostridiumhystoliticum was put on the market under the name of XIAPEX or XIAFLEX.
Xiapex is also used to treat Dupuytren’s contracture.

In men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, Xiapex can be used if there is a palpable plaque and a curvature superior to 30º before initiating the treatment. The collagenase is directly injected into the penis. Its purpose is to avoid surgical procedures although a follow-up will be required. Since its appearance, collagenase has been used by Urology expertsspecialised in Peyronie’s disease, who had previous experience with other penis injections, such as verapamil.
Nowadays, this solution is chosen by many specialists to treat the curvature of the penis, as it is an easy procedure that has proven to be successful.

Probably more than the injection

However, the treatment needs from more than the injection. A previous detailed analysis is necessary in order to verify that the patient is a good candidate for the treatment. It is also essential to know how to inject the collagenase properly, resolve any complication and provide a multimodal treatment.

Consequently in our group, we usually associate collagenase injections with penis extension treatments. This kind of procedure is usually used to increase the penis length, andcan help us perform mechanotherapy to facilitate the collagenase effect (XIAPEX or XIAFLEX) in cases of fibrous, curved penises.

So two years ago, we published a paper on the Journal of Sexual Medicine about the benefits of mechanotherapy by itself, without collagenase injections.Mecanotherapyis a non-invasive, safe and effective technique to treat Peyronie’s disease.

Also,In conclusion, we want to make clear that we are open to all alternatives to treat the penis curvature. Depending on the case, we will select the most appropriatetreatment, looking to improve the patient’s quality of life to get the highest satisfaction.

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