19th National Andrology Group Meeting

19th Andrology Group Meeting

Last Sunday, February 7th, the 19th Andrology Group Meeting was celebrated.

It was one busy day in which near a hundred Urology professionals from all fields developed a pioneer program that dealt with the most common current Urology themes. They also updated scientific evidence on shock wave treatments for erectile dysfunction, new treatments for Peyronie’s disease, innovative alternatives on penile prostheses and many other issues, such as hypogonadism or fertility.
The Organizing Committee of the Spanish Urology Association, directed by Dr. Javier Romero Otero, prepared a complete program including the Urology hot topics.
On the same day, Dr. Javier Romero Otero was named coordinator of the National Andrology Group for the next 4 years. Doctor Romero Otero takes over this position proudly and looks forward to succeeding in this scientific challenge.

Meeting Presentation (written by Dr. Javier Romero Otero)
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