Sliding technique: penis surgery for a safe, effective treatment of Peyronie’s disease

Sliding Technique

Sliding technique and erectile dysfunction

The curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease) consists on the fibrosis of one of the penis’ layers (penis albuginea). The fibrosis shortens and deviates the penis, causing pain in some patients.

It has been clinically proven that erectile dysfunction or problems of rigidity in the penis may appearin patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease, making impossible to engage sexual activity. Once we have decided to go under surgery to straighten the penis, there are several chirurgical techniques depending on the age, the comorbidities, the deviation and the erectile dysfunction degree of the patient.

It is essential to personalize

It is essential to personalize and choose a treatment that lengthens or increases the penis whenever it is possible.

For patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, the treatment will be a penis prosthesis, which will help us correct the penis deviation and the problems with erection.
We can also use the chirurgical sliding technique, which consists of the implantation ofa penis prosthesis, adding a part to lengthen the penis when the implant is placed. The penis length is increased from 3 to 4 centimeters, result that can only be achieved using this technique.

Our team presented this technique in the National Urology Congress of 2014, celebrated in Tenerife. We were pioneers in these interventions in Spain. For this reason, the team was invited to the Europea Society Congress for Sexual Medicine in 2015, celebrated in Copenhagen, where we presented this complex technique.

Nowadays, there are not many medical centers in which the sliding technique is performed, as it is a complex procedure that requires from a high degree of specialisation in reconstructive surgery. This post aims to encourage our partners to learn more about this technique. This month, the British Journal of Urology published the experience of three centers that got great results in increasing the penis length by using the sliding technique with only few acceptable and not serious complications.

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