Chirurgical procedures to lengthen the penis in patients with curved penis

Chirurgical procedures

Peyronie’s disease consists on the fibrosis of one of the penis’ layers (penis albuginea). In the first phases, the fibrosis shortens the penis, deviating it in later stages. Some patients experience pain when this happens.

Medical procedures.

It has been clinically proven that in patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction or problems of rigidity in the penis may also appear, making impossible to engage sexual activity.
The treatment was not medically and clinically approved until a year ago. Nowadays, we count with collagenase injections for the penis, commercialised as XIAPEX or XIAFLEX, but not all patients are good candidates for this treatment, needing to be surgically treated.

Surgical procedures.

There are many chirurgical procedures to treat Peyronie’s disease. They will be chosen depending on the age, the comorbidities, the deviation and the erectile dysfunction degree of the patient.

The main procedures available nowadays are:

  1. Penile prosthesis implantation. Some implant models are able to generate gain in lenght adn girth and are thus a very good option for those men aiming to regaing some of the lost lenght during the active phase.
  2. Corporoplasty procedures with graphting. Each treatment needs to be personalised and individually created. We try to perform surgeries to lengthen the penisusing bovine pericardium, intestinal or oral mucosa.
  3. Sliding technique. One of the best techniques when treating erectile dysfunction by implanting a penis prosthesis is the sliding technique,which extends the penis from 3 to 4 centimeters.
    As we said, it is essential to understand every patient’s need before choosing a treatment, whether it implies surgery or not, always looking to improve the patient’s quality of life to get the highest satisfaction.

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