XIAPEX keeps gaining followers


XIAPEX or XIAFLEX, the injection for curved penis condition, keeps gaining followers

As we have said in many occasions, the curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease) consists on the fibrosis of one of the penis’ layers (penis albuginea). The fibrosis shortens and deviates the penis, causing pain in some patients. Erectile dysfunction or problems of rigidity in the penis may appear in patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease, making impossible to engage sexual activity.

The treatment was not medically and clinically approved until a year ago, which made the condition a though challenge to face for both patients and specialists. Thanks to medical research we now count with a formula based in the injection of collagenase obtained from clostridiumhystoliticum, commercialised as XIAPEX or XIAFLEX, that has proved high success rates.

In terms of practical, measurable results, new scientific evidence endorses the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicineclaims that 85,8% of 1044 patients suffered at least one adverse effect (AE) related to the treatment.

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The AE related to the treatment (≥25.0% of the patients) included penile hematoma (82,7%), pain in the penis and swelling of the penis. Most of the patients (72,5%) showed minor and moderate effects, while the other 14,2% showed no adverse effects. Nine patients (0,9%) showed major adverse effect reactions related to the treatment: five presented penile hematomas and the other four, body ripping.
There was no association between EA and anti-AUX-I or the antibodies anti-AUX-II in the treatment cycles, and no hypersensibility reactions either.

According to these facts, we must conclude that not all patients are good candidates for these treatments and need to go under surgery. However, new treatments are already helping most of the patients.

Urologists using these therapies to treat patients, like myself, are happy with the results, although we always warn them about adverse effects. For this reason, you should never forget to be treated by experts who are able to deal with complications that may appear and provide safety and satisfaction.
Remember: always consult a specialist.

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