Strong participation of our team in the ESSM Congress 2023

ESSM Congress 2023

On February 16,17 and 18 we attended the ESSM Congress 2023, organized by the European Society for Sexual Medicine, in Rotterdam.

Members of the Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery team of ROC Clinic and HM Hospitales attended this event to participate in the lectures, debates and conferences, as well as to present our four scientific papers in this field.

During the congress, Drs. Borja García Gómez and Manuel Alonso Isa moderated the sessions “Mechanical device for male masturbation and its application in the treatment of premature ejaculation”, “Morphometric analysis of the penis” and “Understanding Peyronie’s Disease”.

In my case, I had the pleasure of giving the lecture “Genital interventions – nightmare or fairy-tale?” to explain the cosmetic aspect of the male genitalia. This is an extremely controversial field due to significant patient demand and limited scientific evidence to support it. Massive misinformation contributes to making male genital surgery a trending topic in sexual medicine. That is why the monograph “Aesthetic Genital Surgery” has recently been published in the IJIR- International Journal of Impotence Research dealing with this topic.

Among the great events that took place in this congress, it is worth mentioning the “Award Of Excellence” given to Dr. Borja García Gómez. Undoubtedly, a very well deserved award and of which we feel very proud in our Urology Unit.


Los pasados días 16,17 y 18 de febrero asistimos al ESSM Congress 2023, organizado por el European Society for Sexual Medicine, en Rotterdam.


Four research papers presented

In addition, we had the pleasure of presenting four research papers in Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery with the aim of continuing to lead the new urology in favor of patients:

📄 A morphometric analysis of the penis before and after prostaglandin injection: is “shower” and “grower” even a thing.

📄 Abdominoplasty and penile prosthesis implant: a new standard approach for obese patients.

📄 Is the stretch flaccid penile length (SFPL) comparable with erect penile length (EPL).

📄 Is penile size in grade 3 Erection Hardness Score (EHS 3) comparable with EHS 4.

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