We participated in the EAU23 Annual Congress

Congreso anual EAU23

Once again this year, we have a strong presence at the EAU23 Annual Congress. In this 38th edition, several members of the Urology team of ROC Clinic and HM Hospitales will be in Milan from March 10th to 13th to share our latest research and scientific innovations.

During these days we will be able to attend conferences, live surgery sessions, case discussions and dynamic debates with great experts in the field.

In my case, I am honored to be able to present and share my experience in six interventions of the extensive program of this year’s event:

Saturday, March 11:

  • I begin the morning by performing prostatic enucleation surgery with thulium fiber laser in the live surgery session.
  • Afterwards, I will participate in the discussion on cosmetic penile surgery and its complications.
  • At the end of the day, I will present Holep Vs. Thulep TFL. in the video session on refinement of benign prostatic hyperplasia enucleation.

Monday, March 13:

  • In the first session of the day, I will chair together with K. Van Renterghem the thematic session on immediate and delayed management of priapism. I will also give a video-presentation of penoscrotal decompression, within the block on the management of surgical priapism illustrated.
  • On the other hand, I will present an abstract of one of our papers in the session on ablative therapy for BPO relief: EEP vs robotics vs aquablation. In this block, I will present my initial experience with superpulsed thulium laser in prostatic enucleation: Prospective randomized multicenter comparative study between HoLEP and ThuLEP in terms of efficacy and safety.
  • Finally, I will end my collaboration in the annual EAU23 congress by presenting another of our abstracts in the session on broadening horizons in endourology, of the three types of lasers in enucleation: HoLEP vs. ThuLEP TFL and GreenLep.

We are proud to contribute five scientific papers developed entirely in our centers to the annual EAU23 Congress. We continue to work so that all our research matures and we can share them with the scientific community. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm in fulfilling our wishes to ultimately improve the lives of our patients.

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