xxix curso internacional

From September 11 to 15, the XXIX International Practical Course in Urological Endourology and Laparoscopy – Minimally Invasive Urology – Surgical Intensive Course was held in Venezuela. In this space, I had the opportunity to talk about the “Current situation of surgical treatment in BPH” in a one-hour session, starting the rest of the scheduled sessions.

These spaces are very important so that we can share with other professionals at international level the technological and innovative advances in the treatments for each of the urological pathologies, in this case, for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

This disease usually occurs in men after the age of 40, where 40% of men have symptoms that are manifested mainly in alterations in urinary dynamics. This percentage increases by 10% as each decade progresses, so that almost all men over 80 years of age have urinary problems.

The event has brought together high level professionals of the sector with whom it has been a pleasure to share the stage.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Paul Escovar, Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez and Dr. Rafael Contreras, as well as to the Instituto Docente de Urología, for making me participate in this occasion. It will be a pleasure to continue collaborating and sharing knowledge with the rest of the invited professors.

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