For two days in a row, the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona shared a space dedicated to the best urology professionals in the world, where we had the opportunity to present our knowledge in great debates and live surgeries on BPH, management of kidney stones and reconstructive surgery.

The event began on June 21 with the symposium on lithiasis, BPH and reconstructive surgery. The next day, we have the participation of several urologists in different discussion groups, on various topics related to the above pathologies, and where I have had the opportunity to lead the debate on “Surgical treatment of functional prostatectomy dysfunctions. When and how“.

My most sincere thanks to Dr. Antonio Alcaraz and Dr. Josep Torremadé Barreda, as well as the entire Urology Department, for making me participate in this symposium. It has been an honor to live this experience together with the rest of my professional colleagues and share my knowledge in this space.

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