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High-level surgery in Seoul: Part II

High-level surgery

We keep working hard in other parts of the world. We are currently working in Seoul. In this city, we are sharing new chirurgical challenges withsurgeons from many countries to treat several pathologies so Peyronie: Peyronie’s disease, penile prostheses, masculine incontinence, vasectomy, prostatic surgery and urethral stricture. The jet-lag has been affecting me for a […]

New challenges for prostate cancer treatment

Meeting in Gregorio Marañón Hospital On April 22th, the congress“Prostate Cancer chirurgical treatment: Focality Vs. Radicalism. Sexual Consequences”was celebrated at Gregorio Marañón Hospital, in Madrid, reuniting over a hundred professionals and specialistson the national and international scene. The program included a wide range of themes, live surgery performances and round-table discussions where the speakers addressed […]

For Male urinary Incontinence: Urinary sphincter.

Incontinence: Urinary sphincter.

“Incontinence Urinary Maximum attention “ The AUA 2016 meeting is celebrating these days.  I usually get part of it, but this year was impossible for professional incontinence reasons. The Brantley Scott Lecture: Overview of Medical Device Concepts of Artificial Urinary Sphincters – Session Highlights  Dr. Sean  Elliott gave an excellent review of the Artificial Urinary Sphincter […]