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The urethra is the conduct through which urine is eliminated from the bladder. Urethral stricture is an abnormal narrowing of the prostate. It can be caused by the presence or inflammation of scare tissues as a consequence of a surgery, disease or injury or the pressure of a growing tumour placed near the urethra.
Urethral stricture symptoms include urinary retention or incontinence, spraying of urine stream, slow urine flow, painful urination, hematuria, appearance of blood in the semen, lower abdomen or pelvic pain and swelling of the penis.
If complications are not examined by an urologist and treated, urethral stricture can block the urine flow, causing acute urinary retention.


Urethral stricture requires surgical treatment in most cases. Urethral dilatation methods are discouraged nowadays and only advised for very specific cases. Surgical treatment will depend on the stricture extension and placement.
If the stricture is short and not located near the urinary sphincter, options include cutting the stricture or inserting a dilating device. An open urethroplasty may be performed for prolonged strictures. In many occasions, a flap is required to provide tissues so the stricture is wide open. The graft may be collected from many areas; oral mucosa is the most frequent.
The affected body part is removed and reconstructed. The operation’s success will depend on the location and size of the stricture, the number of times a surgery has been performed and the surgeon’s experience. Surgery resources are essential for this intervention.

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